• Buddymeister Scores! is a 15-minute podcast about the music of film, television and video games. Deniz the Buddymeister talks passionately about the newest releases as well as great scores that were written for horrible movies. And on top of that he'll recommend you one special track that had some kind of impact on his life. Tune in and become a part of Buddymeister Scores!

    Ep. 8 – Top 10 Scores of 2017!

    Ep. 7 – Christmas Time! with The Man Who Invented Christmas (Danna), A Christmal Carol (Silvestri), The Nativity Story (Danna) & Track Rec!

    Ep. 6 – Darkest Hour, The Last Warrior, Lousy Movie – Lovely Score (Wing Commander) & Track Rec!

    Ep. 5 – So Let Us Melt, Knock, Lousy Movie – Lovely Score (Free Willy 3: The Rescue) & Track Rec!

    Ep. 4 – Horror Scores for Halloween! Happy Death Day, Hellraiser 30th Anniversary Edition, Lousy Movie – Lovely Score (Lesbian Vampire Killers) & More!